Mexico Team Family Donations

Hello GAGA team members!

Here is the information about the needs of the families that we will be building homes for in March. We hope to help them with some basic clothing and household needs as well. Items will be gathered and sorted then distributed once the homes are nearing completion. Below is a list of family members with specific sizes and needs. Please feel free to share with your friends and neighbors what you are doing and see if they have anything they would like to contribute. If someone would like to donate money, it can be given to Leslie and she will set it aside for purchasing items that we still need once we get to Mexico.

Please bring all items to our work day on Saturday Feb. 26 so we can pack it for the trip!

Luz’s Family
Mom – Luz, size 5-7 pants it says but she is very tiny. Size 7 ½ shoe.
Son – Roberto, age 5. Wears size 4/5 pants and size 12c shoe.
Daughter – Anna, age 9. Size 1 shoe, size 10 pants.

Francesca’s Family
Mom – Francesca. Size 7 shoe, size 0-1 pants
Maribel – daughter, size 6 ½ shoe, 0-1 pants
Diana – daughter, size 8 ½ shoe, 0-1 pants
Maria – daughter, age 7?, wears 8-10x
Marco – son, size 7 ½ shoe, 30×32 pants –works as a mechanic every day after school & all day Saturday
Jose – son, age 6? – wears 6-8x,
Christian – son, age 3? – wears 4T clothing, size 10-11t shoe

Julio’s Family – three young niece/nephews
*Miralda – age 2, so 3-4T clothing, size 8c shoe
*Kevin – age 4, 5T clothing, size 11c shoe
*Brian – age 10, says he wears 32×28 pants. Possible?
*Julio – age 19, wears 9 ½-10 shoe, medium shirts. Needs tennis shoes, underwear, undershirts, socks
Julio’s Mom – Manuela
Julio’s Grandmother – Aurelia
Julio’s Uncle – Joel
Julio’s Aunt –
Julio’s Uncle –
All the ladies in this family are bigger. The men seem to wear size large? I’d like to focus on Julio and the three younger ones.

Julio’s home recently burned down so they could also use many household items, especially items for the kitchen.

If you have questions, please call Sandra Fish (503.550.1763) or Mindy Porter (503.502.7000). We will help collect and organize the items.

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